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Bear Bum Septic Services is a Waste
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Providing Sewer Pump Out services
& Portable Toilet Rentals.

Having your septic tank pumped once or twice a year is one of the best investments you can make to ensure a long, trouble-free life for your septic system!

Clean Worry-Free Septic System(s)

Providing an Adequate Washroom

Garbage Waste Management

Sanitary & Environmentally friendly

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Oilfield Drilling, Completion & Work-Over Projects, Pipeline Construction Projects, Hydraulic Fracturing Projects, Oilfield Foam Clean-Outs, Industrial Shut-downs & Turn-Arounds, Rodeo Events, Outdoor Concert & Events, Wedding & Ceremonies, Promotional conventions

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• Septic Spring cleaning
• Port-A-Potty Rentals
• Portable Potty Dumpster Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Catering to the residential or commercial acreage land owners and to the Oil & Gas, Construction, Farming and Event Planning Industries.


A Septic Service will come out to your site and suck out the solid waste build up in your septic system to allow for easy flow of liquid waste into the proper distribution channels or septic field. If the system is contained, the liquids are also removed, however, in a contained system, a septic service will be needed regularly to avoid septic back up.


We recommended a residential septic system should be cleaned twice a year. Commercial sites with a septic system should have there system clean once every quarter or four times a year. Recreational parks or camp sites should have their site cleaned weekly or monthly for their visitors dependent on the size of their septic system(s).


Spring and Fall are the best time of the year to have you septic system cleaned. You are proved with the opportune conditions and preventing system back up in winter when it is the absolute worse time for a Septic system back up, or Summer when Services usually have an already busy schedule.


It is important for you, your family and guest to know that your septic(sewage) system will be trouble free, and free of backup or flooding issues. Sparing you the unsightly results of backed-up septic systems, its just stress-free and painless, not to have to worry about issues that can arise from a system that can be easy to cleaned regular with one phone call and scheduled maintenance.


For residential Owners, it is painless and convenient to call us and set up a spring and fall cleaning around a schedule that fits you. For commercial septic systems, a monthly or quarterly schedule date is easy to set up and will help to maintain a trouble free & good working septic system for you & your customers. For recreational parks Camp Sites, the system should be maintained weekly and a day of the week can be easily set-up and maintained when you call Bear Bum Septic services.



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